Use AutoFilter To Find Composers
To use the AutoFilter feature (the funnel icon—fifth from right):
1) Click on any cell in the table except the sheet title. 
2) Then click the AutoFilter icon. Drop-down arrows will appear at the top of each heading.

Example:  Suppose you want to find music by J. S. Bach on the sheet entitled "Wedding Selections." 
1) Click on the drop-down arrow for Composer/Lyrics/Arranger.
2) Uncheck all boxes except for "Bach, J. S."
3) Click OK.

The result will show you compositions only by Bach. Check the SHOW ALL box (and OK) to restore the setting.

Use AutoFilter To Find Timbres
To look for all music played with orchestral timbres: including Orchestral Brass, Brass String, Voyager Brass, and RD Strings.
(Search separately under Timbre1 and Timbre2.)

1) Uncheck the boxes for all other instrumentation, including Organ, Piano, and E. Piano.
2) The checked boxes will give you the result for orchestral instrumentation.
Check the
SHOW ALL box to restore the setting.

Use AutoFilter To Find Titles
Click the drop-down box for Title. Titles will appear in alphabetical order while the drop-down box is held open.

Click on X in upper right-hand corner to close window.